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History is littered with examples of software and technology development projects gone awry.  Slipped schedules and budget overruns are typical, and even cases where the project was just too ambitious to succeed at the start are common.

There has been always been a critical shortage of proper computer software project management.  Best practices project management and development can be the difference between failure and success for your project

Key components include:
  • Staged project deliverables
Rather than develop a project to be thrown over the wall to you at its completion, intermediate deliverables can show you how the project is progressing before it's too late.  These deliverables include schedules, story boards, graphical user interface (GUI) mock-ups and menu designs, and working prototypes.  Without these items, what you get in the end may be an unpleasant suprise.
  • A system release plan from the start
It usually makes sense to begin with a reduced set of expectations for Version 1 of the project, then add additional functionality in subsequent versions.  This greatly increases the probability of success and increases ROI by getting the project completed more quickly and into operation.
  • Use of proven design methodologies
A system engineered ad-hoc will soon become a nightmare to manage, and force artificial limitations on functionality.   The use of modern design methodologies force a graceful design which allows more efficient development, and allow new features to be added later as natural extensions.
  • Professional systems for Source Control and Issue Management

Source control, issue management, and change control systems are vital for projects of any size.  Our exclusive I-Track system allows powerful tracking of these issues for your project.

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